As the new year draws closer…

this would be a great time to reflect on your own artistic journey.


If I’d had some set idea of the finish line, don’t you think that I would have crossed it years ago?

Bill Gates

Going into my second year of weekly blogging I debated about doing the next year in monochromatic but ultimately decided that I don’t like limitations. In my mind, each image clearly dictates its final presentation and rarely do I ever consider publishing a color version and a black and white version at the same time.

My favorite color images are typically the ones that just share a hint of color. I seem to almost physically recoil from images that are too saturated or multi-colored. I suspect it is just an individual thing with how our brains work and how we process information.

I see color very clearly and when color matching for paint or some such thing, I don’t need to carry a color swatch but visualize it and match it from the image in my head. Likewise I rarely measure and can tell just from looking if things will fit, and if they are straight. I clearly missed my calling and should have worked for a moving company!

Numbers on the other hand are for me utterly confusing with the exception of how they relate to photography. Those combinations I find soothing, perhaps because they have such a strong visual result.

As this year draws to a close and sharing from my own personal experience; if you desire to be a photographer or any kind of artist for that matter I can’t stress enough the importance of daily practise. Not only will your creativity increase but because you will become so familiar with your tools, when the opportunity arises for that special image you will be confident in your ability to capture it and bring it to life as you see it.

This will go a long way in helping you to develop your own personal style. I love to look back on images from years ago and visually see where the biggest changes occurred.

A question to ask yourself…do you feel confident in your abilities? If the answer is no, now is the perfect time to make a change and invest in yourself.

May 2016 be filled with joy and inspiration! Where will the new year take you?


4 thoughts on “As the new year draws closer…”

  1. Hi Sheryl, I spent time yesterday looking at your site. I have a few photos I would love to buy. I enjoy your blog and am very proud of you. It seems a year goes by both slowly and quickly depending on how you look at it. I have time with my foot surgery to do some things I have not made time to do. Kind of nice but would rather be outside playing in the snow. Making the best of it though. Love to you and happy holidays.

  2. Very wise words from such a young soul. I totally agree with your idea of how just a hint of color can add so much as in your picture presented today. Since accepting your challenge to commit every day to complete what is important, I have done just that, and today will start chapter 19 of my story of our sailboat travels. Thank you for the push.

  3. Well said, I mentor a few photographers and emphasise practise…like sports people, you won’t be at the top of your game if you only play once a month!!! We all need to practise our craft.😀 Happy 2016 to you.

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