It’s my intention— through the mediums of photography and writing — to present observations of the natural world and humanity, flaws and all. Experiences shape our responses and reactions and become part of what makes each of us unique.


Artist’s Statement

As far back as I can remember I have been strongly connected to the natural world around me. What draws me to photography is the ability to capture one moment in time, fleeting and lost if not captured exactly then. I like to then consider what that image means because photographs are a doorway to memories and words can lead to that portal. I’m torn. My photographs capture the beauty of the natural world—my words don’t always share that joy. What’s a girl to do? Neither nature nor humans are kind and some of my work may reflect that.

I create when I feel a connection to the subject matter and allow this emotion to dictate how the image is represented. I walk on both sides of the abstract image following form, color, and curves and yet still feel a strong pull to stark imagery. Soft focus, high key, macro and long exposure all can be used to capture essence of the subject.

I’m fond of monochromatic and limited color palettes and have been greatly inspired by the work of Alfred Stieglitz, Richard Avedon, Ansel Adams, and Michael Kenna.

I shoot digital with Nikon D7000 and D7200, and medium format film with a 1950’s Yashica D TLR and an even earlier vintage Zeiss Nettar. In a world that moves ever increasingly more quickly, shooting film has for me the effect of slowing things down and ensuring that I am being thoughtful and precise about what I shoot.

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