In Memoriam…

Wolf Kahn.

Many years ago while taking a drawing class I was forced to confront landscapes. While used to altering my camera settings to create the feel that I wanted for an image, having to do the same with pastels, while outside, seemed almost insurmountable. I began a search for artists whose work resonated with me and came across Wolf Kahn. His use of bold colors, often at odds with the subject matter, in addition to its often abstract nature, inspired me.

In the chaos of 2020 I missed that he had passed away in March at the age of ninety-two. I played with my photograph of trees, shot after a devastating wildfire swept through, to come up with this image that gave me the feel of Wolf Kahn.

In an interview he stated, “My choice of color is dictated by tact and decorum stretched by an unholy desire to be outrageous.”

Words as delicious as his work.

Happy New Year everyone! Let’s make it a good one! 

Saturn and Jupiter…


hoodoos lunar corona and saturn jupiter conjunction

With a snowstorm moving in we knew last night was our shot at catching the Saturn Jupiter conjunction. It was spectacular! From the owls hooting in the distance to the (most appropriate) lunar corona, it was a magical sight!

A lunar corona is caused by diffraction of light around water droplets in an almost transparent cloud.

If you’ve got clear skies after sunset make sure you get outside!

As individual…

as we are.

one crystalline snowflake

crystalline [ˈkristələn, ˈkristəˌlīn, ˈkristəˌlēn]

strikingly clear and composed of crystals

Water vapor and dust.

Wilson Bentley, a Vermont farmer, was the first person to photograph a single snowflake. He was born almost one hundred years before I was making the task far more formidable. His fascination with his subject matter gave him the nickname Snowflake Bentley.

I prefer to photograph snowflakes while outside in natural landscapes but on this day, with temperatures far below freezing, my windowpane provided an everchanging and unique perspective.

Snowflakes… truly unique and an excellent reminder of our own individuality.

Happy snow day!

One snowflake…

on a fall leaf.

snowflake balanced on a fall leaf

balanced [ˈbalənst]

a state of equilibrium

Whether or not you’re a fan…it’s here. This year on top of the added stresses the holiday season brings, we have Covid numbers increasing and early season snowfall! It’s the perfect time to think about balance. It’s tempting to jump on the 2020 Year from Hell bandwagon but when I think about it, I can find many things to be grateful for. If you’re finding that difficult to do I highly recommend taking one photo a day. It doesn’t have to be an incredible shot either. It’s the intention being set, the routine being followed; a purpose for the day that you will look beyond the disconnect and make a connection with something. It may not happen overnight but that one little gesture, one photo, can change your mindset and with that, bring balance.