The boys are back in town…

I love the four seasons. Each of them brings opportunities to photograph a range of animals with vastly different backdrops. This image required a zoom lens and a healthy crop as the Elk, or Wapiti, meaning “white rump”, tend to scatter quickly if you happen to get too close. And if you’ve never heard these bulls during rut, I highly recommend it—their whistling scream is haunting as it echoes through the mountains.

A walk for the senses…

It’s here—even if you were blindfolded you couldn’t miss the scent of fall in the air. When molecules and memories collide and the sweet sugary smell of decaying leaves fills the air. It’s impossible not to be reminded of childhood moments spent raking leaves into piles and leaping into them afterward.

This walk in the mountains was particularly memorable. Watchful of bears stuffing themselves in the final weeks before hibernation, we entered a clearing just as three elk strolled past navigating the shallow waters of the creek bed.

And just then I heard it. Ripping through the air the bugle call of a bull elk as dawn’s first light began to lift the shadows.

He laughed at the expression on my face after hearing the sound for the first time and my hand reached for his as we soaked up the moment.

Life goes on—enjoy the ride.