The boys are back in town…

I love the four seasons. Each of them brings opportunities to photograph a range of animals with vastly different backdrops. This image required a zoom lens and a healthy crop as the Elk, or Wapiti, meaning “white rump”, tend to scatter quickly if you happen to get too close. And if you’ve never heard these bulls during rut, I highly recommend it—their whistling scream is haunting as it echoes through the mountains.

2 thoughts on “The boys are back in town…”

  1. There’s a herd of 140 known as the Greyback Elk herd living in the area called the Naramata Bench. They are in danger of losing their 126 acres of beautiful grazing ground that they inhabit from Nov. to March prior to moving up the mountain where they have their young. This is because a Development company wants to develop the area. It’s sad. Where can they go?

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