They say it’s spring…

March was one for the record books. I got to cross several things off my list. Light pillars soaring up into the heavens—a treat coming at the end of the season for spotting them. And the aurora! I’ve never seen a light show that magnificent before and as an extra treat, we got to share it with family.

The weather has hinted at spring, but we woke up this morning to a snowstorm. I used to dread spring’s arrival because it signaled the end of snowboard season, but I’ve been working on a beautiful bee and butterfly garden for several years now. I enjoy watching it come to life. Last year, perennial roots I’d planted bloomed for the first time and I have high hopes that my showy milkweed might flower this summer.

Garlic lays nestled beneath a bed of straw, topped with snow, and I can just see the tops of the chess pieces on the garden table.

Today’s image is an extra fancy snowflake. I could hate the fact that I’ll be out shoveling again, or I could embrace the beauty of a spring snowstorm. I think you know what I’ll do!

3 thoughts on “They say it’s spring…”

  1. It’s nice to hear the upbeat anticipation in your words. Looking ahead you may have one more day of winter-like weather then the sun will melt that snow away. More moisture for those plants of yours. Yes, spring is coming.

  2. Extra fancy, indeed! All the delicacy makes me think of brides and weddings rather than stormy weather. Happy spring to you xxx

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