On the surface…

Stories—the beginnings are fluid, with starting points somewhere in the timeline and often at a point of action. We don’t know what’s happened before and can only guess at the perils that lie ahead.

Images taken in nature are stories presented within four walls. There are no pages to turn and the cast of characters often remain unknown. They’re not always pretty.

I would liked to have lingered. Waited and perhaps discovered the rest of the tale. I have my suspicions—the heap of remaining flesh and fur spoke volumes—but maybe that’s someone else’s story.

I don’t think I could have photographed this several years ago, but I was a different person back then. Now, when presented with the opportunity, I study nature more closely. I celebrate its beauty and share in its moments of cruelty.

We’re all animals. The difference is some of us keep that hidden inside cloaked with a carefully constructed mirage, while others lay it right out there on the surface for everyone to see. Interesting how a walk in nature can open your eyes and feed your soul at the same time.

4 thoughts on “On the surface…”

  1. Your words as usual, are food for thought just as the remains on the ice are food to keep other stories continuing to flow. Life can be cruel. But we can’t let that stop us from seeking the happiness that lays beyond the bad days. Smile and be kind to yourself and others. Life goes on. Thank you for your picture and your words.

  2. This is an especially chilling image, made all the more so by the title, which got me wondering, combined with the fact that on my screen I have to scroll down to see the full image (“the slow reveal” in one of its many interesting forms). The scenery in the upper portion is idyllic, but in the bottom section the mood changes to “intrigue with a shiver”. Is that a mood, even? Wonderful! My takeaway from nature is that nothing is inherently good or bad, it just “is”, and death happens for life to be able to continue. Humans, on the other hand, know full well when they are choosing goodness or badness…

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