Saturn and Jupiter…


hoodoos lunar corona and saturn jupiter conjunction

With a snowstorm moving in we knew last night was our shot at catching the Saturn Jupiter conjunction. It was spectacular! From the owls hooting in the distance to the (most appropriate) lunar corona, it was a magical sight!

A lunar corona is caused by diffraction of light around water droplets in an almost transparent cloud.

If you’ve got clear skies after sunset make sure you get outside!

2 thoughts on “Saturn and Jupiter…”

  1. Thank you for the explanation and to think you drove all the way to Writing on Stone to hopefully get this picture. It shows your dedication to your art. I love the picture and wish I could have heard the owls that added to your experience.

  2. I am SO glad you, of all people, saw it. We looked up at our overcast sky and watched our chance slip by…
    An uplifting type of corona, so well captured: thank you.

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