3 thoughts on “A place…”

  1. To me your picture represents not only silence but the bleakness that those remaining feel, when a loved one is taken, by covid 19 or any other problem. Your picture causes us to reflect, but then we must move on. New trees will grow and flowers will bloom if we take time to notice them.

  2. As usual, you have shared with us a carefully composed and thoughtful image which aches with feeling. In this case, there is an excess of intrigue for this viewer, as one being unacquainted with snow. At first glance the tree trunks appear scorched by fire, which is a possible explanation for their blackness and lack of branches, but perhaps too much snow results in side branches snapping off? I don’t think it does, but I have to find out from the photographer’s mouth/fingertips!

    1. I’ve been dying to photograph this area with snowfall. It only recently reopened after a devastating wildfire in 2017 burned 19000 hectares. The trees are carbon skeletons. Thanks as always for your wonderful comments.

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