Winter’s first…


illuminate [iˈlo͞oməˌnāt]

light up, clarify, explain

The first snowfall of the season illuminated by the glow from a single streetlight.

The last tomato.

One tiny ladybug.

A three bear summer.

The rest of the year will fly by as it always does but I will enjoy each moment and slow its passage.

5 thoughts on “Winter’s first…”

  1. What about the tornado? Remembering your voice on the phone as you related that experience, I think it also must place high on your 2020 summer experiences. The picture of the snow is perfect even if it reminds us of what is coming as the days get cooler. Hoping that my Christmas card is a picture of the bears in the field of flowers.

  2. As ever, I love how you see. Your sublime and understated images always speak to something deep within me, and this flowing, simple piece is no exception.

  3. You make pictures with words as well as your camera! Very poetic and no doubt we each had our own pictures pop into our mind’s eye as we read your words. So, thank you!

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