The Covid lifestyle…

I’m full of questions.

sunflower with partially opened petals

[ˈintrəˌvərt] introvert

someone who prefers calm environments, solitude, and small circles of friends

It’s easy to see who’s been the most affected by the changes Covid has brought to our global world. Psssst. It’s not us introverts.

In some ways this global wake-up call has put the stamp of approval on being a homebody. I’m curious to see what the lasting effects of this will be, particularly on our youngest people.

It’s a terrifying virus. For some, asymptomatic or no worse than the common flu, while for others, deadly. No one knows for sure what category they’ll fall into.

Masks confer an anonymity to the wearer that presents other issues to society. I miss those little moments of connection that smiling at a complete stranger brought. Maybe we should bring back the peace sign? A small gesture but one that says “I see you.”

Interesting times we’re living in. While watching a movie, it opened on a scene shot in an airplane. No masks. Will everything going forward look so dated? What will the future look like?

6 thoughts on “The Covid lifestyle…”

  1. I have always enjoyed being at home. I do miss girls trips and seeing my dog show friends though. Strange times for sure.

  2. We chuckled with delight at the introvert statement. Something we realised pretty quickly was that we revelled in the enforced stay-at-home-time. The masks, on the other hand, are awkward, as you say. Today, while I was out grocery shopping, a stranger greeted me heartily and then discovered she didn’t know me at all. Not five minutes later, I did the very same to someone else. Oh well…
    Gorgeous image, Sheryl. A lot can be read into it, if one chooses.

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