As the year…

is winding down.

winding [ wahyn-ding ]

something with twists and turns

And what a year! This post brings my total of years blogging to five. It’s been a good practice for me and a joy to connect with people from all over the world. I so appreciate the feedback and I love sharing my natural world with you.

New for this month because you know I like to be in full swing of new projects by the end of the year. Focused and already in a routine by the first…

I have 18,340 words written for my book. I am one quarter of the way to my goal! It just means getting up a little earlier, and this time of year that means the day’s writing is well under way by sunrise.

What are your goals for the new year? I’d love to hear them.

Happy New Year and thank you for reading and following it’s (almost always) about the water!

3 thoughts on “As the year…”

  1. Yes. Five years of blogging is quite an achievement and shows your dedication to your followers. I for one appreciate your time. Good luck with this current endeavour that seems to be speeding along so well. I look forward to reading the finished product.

  2. Golly…what action, what movement in this intensely vibrant image! Plus the warm and cool colours that talk to each other so well, and the cohesive textures: wow, this is the way to start a new year! I am so impressed by the distance you have gone with your book (I can’t wait to read it either). Mine, a less wordy one, is moving along way more slowly, taking shape like a mountain not in a hurry to go anywhere 🙂

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