Nature’s magnificence…

and coming back.

DSC_0446-Edit-2-Edit-3I wish that all of nature’s magnificence, the emotion of the land, the living energy of the place could be photographed.

Annie Leibovitz

This week has been a reminder of and an eye-opener to the scars that we bear.

This stand of trees still soars majestically skyward but bore not the brightly colored leaves of autumn, only blackened trunks and open wounds from the Kenow fire that swept through last year.

I find myself listening more and looking beyond the outer shells.

I find myself more willing to speak openly and wonder if that energy is being felt.

I find myself coming back.

2 thoughts on “Nature’s magnificence…”

  1. Black and white is perfect for this picture, Sheryl. I really like the way you positioned the large, wounded tree on the left side. It’s stark but tells the story so well.

  2. Your trunks, our trunks. Our fire-hurt trees from the June 2017 fires amaze me daily. Some stand against all odds, full of fighting spirit. I guess that “that’s the spirit!”. The land that burnt to the ground has exposed a myriad of forest tracks and roads to the passer-by and I long to trespass on each of them.

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