Waiting and wondering…

if the rain will ever come.

DSC_1425No water, no life. No blue, no green.

Sylvia Earle

Summer draws to a close and seemingly everywhere the skies are filled with smoke from forest fires. Views like this one are fleeting, more often the mountains are hidden under a veil of smoke and ash.

Today more than ever it’s (almost always) about the water.

One thought on “Waiting and wondering…”

  1. Oh Sheryl! The mention of forest fires makes my heart race, as our entire district is still reeling from the devastation of the June fires. Seemingly all at once our farm was burning, my mother’s home in town was starting to burn, my daughter’s school caught alight, my sister-in-law’s home atop our hill burnt to the ground… it was so far-reaching it was almost unbelievable. The hardest part is the loss of forest and all that lived in it, but we await the new growth and the slow return of life to it. I feel for you and the forest fires. Your image is beautiful and all the more precious for its rarity!

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