from a campground…

DSC_9896-Edit.jpgSeeing is not enough; you have to feel what you photograph.

Andre Kertesz

I don’t often focus my lens on people but occasionally something draws me in and I’m compelled to capture that moment.

Street photography has always felt a little invasive to me. A little like capturing private moments publicly shared. I will often observe but won’t usually capture the image.

Campgrounds are full of these intimate moments and a long lens brings them closer yet.

This moment seemed to capture the essence of camping. Nature leaving its imprint on man…

2 thoughts on “Street…”

  1. A perfect mingling. His attitude is so contemplative, too. I love camping, and this image reminds me why.

  2. Yet again, you’ve expressed a perspective that echoes my own. I’ve always found street photography to be exploitative, and I don’t think I could ever be comfortable doing it, for that very reason. However this image is anything but exploitative; it’s eloquent and abstract and lyrical. And beautiful.

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