A change in the season…

will your photography suggest or state?


One very important difference between color and monochromatic photography is this: in black and white you suggest; in color you state. Much can be implied by suggestion, but statement demands certainty… absolute certainty.

Paul Outerbridge

Fall has arrived and with it an abundance of beautiful landscape opportunities. There’s a certain comfort that comes with feeling at ease with your camera and confident that you will capture the image that you’re looking for.

I know what kind of images draw me in and I will be watching for those little moments amidst the explosion of colors in the foliage.

Mine won’t be the sweeping panoramas with tamarack ablaze with yellow.

Nor will they be a sea of red from the maples.

Lately I find myself in unfamiliar territory though, so rather than fight it I’m just letting it go where it may.

I’m talking about color. I know that winter will bring me back to my love of monochromatic but every journey has twists and turns  and much like this river I’m just going to go with the flow.

8 thoughts on “A change in the season…”

  1. Beautiful as usual. Wouldn’t it be fun to try to paint such a picture as you have presented here. It wouldn’t look so wonderful and interesting as your picture does but the doing would be fun.

  2. I love these painterly photos and yes the suggestion of autumn just as it here in NH. Soon there will be a blaze of color and then the monochromatic will take over for far too long. Lovely.

  3. Go with the flow is a good mantra; it can lead to new and unexpected places. You’ve got me thinking to my own approach to colour/black and white. I end up converting almost all of my shots to black and white, and the colour and mono versions are almost always strikingly, surprisingly different. When I post images to my blog, I choose the version that matches best the spirit of what I want to say. Black and white seems to align itself with more serious/arty posts, and colour with more lighthearted ones. Another remark on a similar topic: I am currently trying to paint a very high-key colour snow scene (one horse and a red barn are the only pops of real non-white colour). It’s amazing how much colour there is in white. And how bold you need to be with it to produce an image that looks convincing, rather than empty and void.

    1. For me the decision of color or mono is based primarily on light and subject matter but I just started to notice a lot of color creeping in, mostly in the abstracts.You are so right about snow and the same applies to the stars…they’re not all white. Thanks for your observations!

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