and weather.
DSC_6191-3Nature is so powerful, so strong. Capturing its essence is not easy – your work becomes a dance with light and the weather. It takes you to a place within yourself.

Annie Leibovitz

The Cloud Appreciation Society believes that clouds are nature’s poetry and I would have to agree. I’ve embarked on a self guided study of them and the more I watch them the more disappointed I am to wake up to a “blue sky” day!

This day was filled with endless drama: rain, hail, wind, and the very occasional pop of light when the sun broke through.

If I hadn’t been sitting in my Jeep with the window rolled down and settings dialed in, I would have missed it. I’d been hoping for some lightning but that brief moment of sun worked to add the perfect highlight to my gray study of the lake.

Two things that were invaluable for my shooting set-up that I always have in my Jeep…a trash bag and a beanbag. The trash bag becomes a poor man’s raincoat for my camera and lens and the bean bag gets draped on my window ledge to hold my camera steady. Not always easy during stormy conditions.

Have a great week and remember: having your head in the clouds is a good thing!

14 thoughts on “Light…”

  1. Excellent suggestions. I love the picture of the lake and the clouds. I shall try to remember to look up, something that doesn’t seem to come naturally to me.

  2. Sadly, I didn’t appreciate my father’s fascination with clouds until it was almost too late to share it with him. He always tried to get me to ‘see’ the dog, train, mountain range or whatever it was that he saw in them. Later, going through his many hundreds of ‘snapshots’, I found his photos of clouds taken from the windows of planes, and those taken in many nameless locations…places he had visited and hadn’t felt the need to identify. His early cloud images were in B&W and the later ones in color. Although I enjoy studying clouds, I seldom photograph them.

  3. this is a superb image…so dramatic – good idea re the bags….i’ll keep that in mind for future trips. i also really enjoy a cloudy day, and the misty days here are always very interesting.

  4. U R Awesome, girl….what I recall about clouds is when I’ve flown and we r flying thru them and just anxiously awaiting the breakthrough and when it comes it’s glorious.
    Love, Luetta

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