You never know…

when that next shot will pop up!!


Dogs act exactly the way we would act if we had no shame.

Cynthia Heimel

I’d just loaded my groceries into the jeep trying to keep them and myself dry during a soaking spring (I know it’s only March) rain.

Looking to my left and several cars away I spotted this beautiful dog taking advantage of the raindrops on his open window.

Before heading out the door I grab my camera and a spare lens the way most people pick up their car keys and phone. Most often I’ll have the 55-300  lens ready to shoot with because that’s the lens that can capture the widest range of shots on the fly, the ones like this one that might be gone if you have to fiddle with changing a lens.

Dogs in cars…capturing them as they ride along or wait for their owners. They are such characters; some patient, some anxious, some protective.

I’m more comfortable with this form of street art. I feel less like I’m intruding on someone’s privacy especially since we are in an era where everything is fair game to be photographed or filmed.

He (she?) flopped down shortly after this image so I was happy that I had taken advantage of the moment at hand.

It’s all about being ready…

Make sure that you are.

5 thoughts on “You never know…”

  1. you are so right on the button….being prepared is probably one of the most important elements of getting ‘that’ shot….this is such a great shot, and i hear you on the privacy thing. i feel very awkward trying to photograph people in the street or wherever, just always feels a bit off – but i do it on occasion, and i love what many other photographers manage to capture….Kendall comes to mind! cheers, Linda
    ps i seem to be logged in on my new blog….which isn’t something i’m spreading about, but more of a journal for myself.

  2. What a Catch! In theory, that’s why I carry a phone. Ok, not really, but it’s nice to have a fairly high quality camera on my person during most of my waking hours. But no phone comes near to equaling what my DSLR with her 70-300mm lens can do. Like yours, my camera rides ‘shotgun’ almost every time I venture out. Ready!

  3. Love it! I have an even greater appreciation for you pros as a result of my recent vacation where they sent along a professional photog to capture the moments. Great work Sis!

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