Reflecting on winter…

and its stark, magical beauty.


The job of the color photographer is to provide some level of abstraction that can take the image out of the daily.

Joel Sternfeld

One of the things that I love about winter is the light. Certainly we have many days when it’s overcast and you wonder if you will ever again see a color other than gray but then just before you put the camera away, you turn around…

A gentle, soft wash of color glowing on an open stretch of water and repeated in the sky low towards the horizon as the day draws to an end.

This for me is the time for color photography. I photographed many aspects of this scene, quickly before the light was lost. In one, a heron stood at the water’s edge patiently waiting for something to catch his eye. In another, a wide-angle shot of the water and bank. And then there were the shots of pure reflection, taken of trees upside down with their blankets of snow still clinging to them.

The winter months seem to have a different quality to the light, perhaps in part due to the reflective quality of the white snow.

This is the time I most often see alpen glow on the mountains opposite to the sunrise or sunset. If you’ve never experienced this, it’s a sight to see with intense pinks and oranges lighting up the mountain tops.

Winter landscape photography is more challenging due to the working temperatures and access but I can’t get enough of it’s constantly changing beauty.

I don’t long for spring and will find continue to find joy in every winter day…

5 thoughts on “Reflecting on winter…”

  1. An interesting and beautiful picture you have “painted” with your camera. The sky here this morning was a lovely pale shade of mauve. But it changes even as you are looking at it and disappears into something else.

  2. The soft colours are delightful. Winter light delights,
    I love your descriptions of what you see and photograph, you sure are in tune with Mother Nature.

  3. It is a gorgeous picture. It’s so clean with just a hint of color. My eye was drawn to the contrasts of white and black on the trees, as well. Very beautiful, Sheryl.

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